Visited by ODOmatt January 26th 2019 Located between Eastbourne and Brighton, the small industrial port town of Newhaven has it’s fair share of peculiar history, but none more so than an unlikely visitor in 1913… Yes, Ho Chi Minh once visited the salty shores of East Sussex. Before becoming the leader of the world’s most fierce resistance force, Ho Chi Minh cut his teeth working as a pastry chef on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry line. The town hit national headlines in 2013 when it announced controversial plans to commemorate the famous visitor with a small centennial commemoration stone. Thankfully for all Sussex-based Odd Day Outers, the stoneRead More →

The building was supposedly constructed by Benedictine Monks from the nearby Wilmington Priory in 1280. It continued to be used by the clergy until 1970 when it was sold into private ownership. It remains occupied to this day, so we ask other Odd Day Outer’s to be mindful not to disturb the occupants.Read More →