A festive journey on the Skyline and attached museum without a festive theme. Like many Londoners I have taken a trip on the skyline with guests visiting the city, but am yet to use the cable car as part of my daily commute. One thing I had never noticed was the attached Emirates Experience, located around 20 meters from the main entrance to the cable car.Read More →

As part of a new series, Jack Beddoe will be taking interesting journey’s across the country and sharing his experiances with the Odd Days Out community. If you have any interesting journey’s you would like to suggest to Jack please email jacksjourneys@odddaysout.co.uk Anyone familiar with the great glass elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Charlie and the Great Glass elevator will know the magic of a lift that plays by its own rules and can go in every direction. While Transport for London’s only incline lift, the Greenford inclinator, does not quite have the capability to travel in every direction or into space,Read More →