Unsure what an ice house is? – read our full article on their history here

Help us build this database: The Great British Ice House Hunt

Historic England have kindly provided us with their data on around 500 ice houses.

Odd Days Out needs your help expand this database: adding to existing records and documenting the location of Britain’s unrecorded ice houses – around 2,500 are thought to still exist!

We want photos, descriptions, locations & to know whether or not they are publicly accessible.

So if you happen to be popping down to your local ice house or know of one that we don’t have listed – please get in touch by emailing icehouses@odddaysout.co.uk or leave a comment below.

Ice house hunters, please note: We do not know whether the ice houses listed above are accessible. Do not venture onto private property without permission. Be aware that ice houses attract bats – which are protected by law and should not be disturbed. Visiting an ice house can be unsafe, and Odd Day Outers do so at their own risk.

Data for this project has been provided by Historic England. Data from Historic Wales has been requested & if provided, will be added to the database. We will not be adding Scottish data For the time being as Canmore have requested payment for the data extract.


  1. There is an ice house at Croome national Trust property outside Pershore, Worcestershire. It is open to visit (for NT fee).

    1. Author

      Thanks for this Suzanna! I will be updating the map this weekend to include all the new information we have been sent.

  2. The Canal Museum in London was an old ice warehouse. The ice wells are still there and viewable by the public 🙂

  3. Check out ‘visitinghistoryinstaffordhire.com’ for some Staffordshire ice houses. Some are accessible by the public

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