Rampion offshore wind farm

Any day-tripper to the Brighton coast can’t fail to notice the horizon’s newest edition – eight miles out in the channel, the colossal wind turbines of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm stoically face the shoreline. Since 2017, the 27 square mile wind farm has been supplying the national grid and now the public can hop on a boat for a close up tour. (See details below for how to book a visit.) The Wind Farm My trip out from Brighton Marina to the wind farm took close to an hour, all the while battling the currents and wind. Slowly but surely, the true stature ofRead More →

Visited by ODOmatt January 26th 2019 Located between Eastbourne and Brighton, the small industrial port town of Newhaven has its fair share of peculiar history, but none more so than an unlikely visitor in 1913… Yes, Ho Chi Minh once visited the salty shores of East Sussex. Before becoming the world’s most famous revolutionary leader, Ho Chi Minh worked as a pastry chef on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry line. The town hit national headlines in 2013 when it announced controversial plans to commemorate the famous visitor with a small centennial commemoration stone. Thankfully for all Sussex-based Odd Day Outers, the stone got laid. Ho Chi Who? HoRead More →

Part of the ‘Once Existed’ Project – Visited by the ODOmatt on the 10th February 2018 Splashing through muddy lanes and traversing crumbling roads, it soon became clear that Fiat 500s were not made for hunting lost villages. The car largely in one piece, I eventually found my own form of unofficial parking outside the only surviving building in Hamsey: St. Peter’s Church.Read More →