A festive journey on the Skyline and attached museum without a festive theme.

Like many Londoners I have taken a trip on the skyline with guests visiting the city, but am yet to use the cable car as part of my daily commute.

One thing I had never noticed was the attached Emirates Experience, located around 20 meters from the main entrance to the cable car.

I began my trip on the experience by attempting to gain access to this building. I was politely asked if I had an advanced booked by the member of staff on the door. I was initially disappointed, thinking perhaps there was a rush on and I had underestimated the popularity of this dangle way associated museum.

However, after a quick glance inside I realised that the only people inside all appeared to be staff.

Heartened by this chance to continue my journey I ran to the adjacent ticked office, it’s next to the regular ticket office the other side of the oyster card readers and attained my ticket and made my way back to the ‘Emirates Experience’.

This turned out to be one of the oddest rooms I have entered.

The main floor consists, from what I saw, of four main exhibits:

A mock-up of a plane cabin.
An interactive game where you are tasked with cleaning a plane in-between flights

And an immersive experience inside a mock up of an emirates jet where you have a 4D point of view experience from the perspective of a suitcase.

There was also this trolley rack, that may or may not have been part of the curator’s vision

The second floor holds the meat of the museum, including a mock up of a cockpit that can be used to take a pretty fun picture.

After my trip in the museum I took a round trip on the cable car to complete my journey. A pointless piece of ‘infrastructure’, but it is not without its charm and it does offer great views of the city. It is a budget, queue-free alternative to the London eye.

I would also recommend anyone making this trip to the Greenwich Peninsula takes advantage of the best part of the TFL network, the Thames Clipper. I also got this picture to add a bit of festive cheer where the cable car looks a bit like Christmas lights over the river.

Overall I would rate the Emirates Experience 2 out of 5 cable car pods, the dangle way itself I would rate 4 pods out of 5 and the clipper always receives 5 pods out of 5.

Getting There

The Emirates experience and Cable car are 500 meters from North Greenwich tube and bus station, the Clipper is an additional 200 meters. You could also get the Clipper at several points along the river of make a DLR trip to Royal Victoria and take a one way south bound trip on the cable car. The river boat and sky line are both fully wheelchair accessible. Neither are currently part of the night tube service.

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