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Anyone familiar with the great glass elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Charlie and the Great Glass elevator will know the magic of a lift that plays by its own rules and can go in every direction.

While Transport for London’s only incline lift, the Greenford inclinator, does not quite have the capability to travel in every direction or into space, it does travel at a quite gentle 45-degree angle.

There may well be more spectacular lifts in London, be they longer, faster or more complex, the unique nature of the Greenford inclinator makes it a jewel in the crown of London’s Zone 4.

The lift also serves a highly practical use, allowing stations to become step-free from train to street. An inclinator manages to do this without the expensive and complicated civil engineering it takes to fit a traditional lift shaft. If you have a flight of stairs, you can have an inclinator!

Such has been the success of the Greenford project that many of the stations being redeveloped for the Elizabeth line will have incline lifts fitted.  I have seen the future of 45-degree travel and I recommend you do to.

Getting There

Greenford is located about a 15-minute train journey from Shepard’s bush on the Central line. After White City the the tube network leaves the underground, giving visitors that chance to see the sights of West London from the train.

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